I have always loved to cook. One day I was on Youtube checking out some different recipe videos and I became terribly bored at what I was seeing. Generally, all the videos looked very boring. I can see why they had so few video views. I also happened to see a Youtube superstar named Marina Orlova who had a channel named “HotForWords”. I was amazed at how many views her videos got and how she got people interested in a subject that few people probably had any interest in.? She is pretty and witty and she makes learning new things fun, so I decided that I could do that with cooking videos too. I knew I would never be as popular as Marina, but I really love to cook and I really wanted to get people interested in cooking too, so I found that the name “HotForCooking” was not already taken on Youtube. Within a few months of starting my channel, I had over a thousand subscribers. Several of my first videos were removed because they got flagged by some conservative viewers, but eventually I started adding the content warning still pictures in the front of every video which seemed to help. After I had about 3000 subscribers and over 10 popular videos, I decided to apply with Youtube for their partnership program. I was surprised when I was accepted on my first application. That gave my channel more layout options as well as providing me with some profit sharing from those ads that pop up on the bottom and to the right of every video. I’m happy to say how many guys were just surfing for boobs and later reported to me how I got them interested in cooking as a result of finding me. While I do have mostly guys checking out my videos, I have found through Youtube’s insight reports that over 10 percent of my viewers are female and many of them have had some really encouraging comments to make to my videos.

I may joke around a lot in my videos, but if you try my food, you will find that my cooking is seriously yummy!

I hope anyone reading this will share their feelings on this by commenting below. I am also easy to reach by email at Tifa@Tifa.Tv

I love my website name; it’s so short and you get exactly what it says.

Love, Tifa :) 3